Labrador Soap


Meet Mylo, named after our mischievous Labrador, these soaps are available in the following fragrances:

  • Lemon Drop – Our luscious lemon soap is a lovely soft yellow colour and has a smooth fragrant lemon scent, which is soft and subtle with extra coconut oil.
  • Baby Powder – Baby Powder is our pure white glycerine soap with added coconut oil and has the gorgeous scent of baby powder.
  • Wildcurrent and Sandalwood – A golden rich musky Sandalwood scented soap with the added sweetness of Wild Current.
  • Midnight Black – Black glycerine soap with a side kick of added vitamin e oil unmasking a rich, dry scent with notes of fig, raspberry and sultanas all cloaked in a warm, woody backdrop enriched by aromatic notes of cedar wood.
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